Museveni urges implementation of a two-state solution to end Palestine-Israel conflicts

President Museveni has called for the implementation of a two-state solution to end the longstanding conflicts between Palestine and Israel.
The two-state solution proposes the establishment of separate and independent states for Israel and Palestine, allowing them to coexist peacefully side by side.
Under this solution, Israel would function as a Jewish state, while Palestine would exist as a Palestinian state.

The agreement would include mutually agreed borders and address issues such as the status of Jerusalem, settlements, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.
“Why don’t the two sides implement the two-state solution?” questioned Museveni, expressing regret over the recent outbreak of violence in Israel and Palestine.
Museveni particularly condemns the targeting of civilians and non-combatants by both parties involved in the conflict.
The recent escalation saw Palestinian militants launching rockets and sending gunmen into Israeli territory.
In response, the Israeli military conducted airstrikes on what they referred to as Hamas targets.
The death toll on both sides continues to rise, with casualties reported in the hundreds.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed retaliation against Hamas and called for the eviction of residents of Gaza.
The situation remains highly volatile, with the Israeli government focused on restoring security and Palestinians facing frustration from the ongoing occupation and blockade.
The implementation of a two-state solution is seen as a potential path towards lasting peace and resolution of the conflicts between Israel and Palestine

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